Bullying Built Me Feel I Was Unsightly


I found this throwback photograph of me shot in 1987. I was two decades old, really timid, emptiness of optimism; however most importantly, a product of mental illness that took root in my own life and also pushed me into believing that which I definitely wasn’t. As preposterous as this seems, I was able to believe I was quite awful and here is the reason.

I came to be having a conspicuous red birthmark on the left side of my own face. Back afterward , it was the first thing that you saw if you were meeting me for the first time. I used to be very cognizant of it and used to feel as though I had been from another planet, because no one seemed to have a face just like mine. The kiddies in school did not help things by using their constant showers of horrible names to damage my selfesteem, such as:”redfaced Monster,””Ugly Girl,””Map of earth,” and”Your-Mother-Must-Have-Slapped-You-With-a-Red-Spoon.” .

These taunts set the foundation for all pity functions. “Why me” Was the matter that I had been put before God, and if my mum arrived home from work and saw I’d been crying, so she’d try her best to convince me I was beautiful. Her words had a way of gently draining off the malicious words I’d neglected. Thank God for a mother who maintained speaking daily life with statements such as:”You’re amazing,””You will be amazing,” and”You are somebody” This turned into a cycle, till I slowly started thinking there can be some truth within my doting mother’s voice. I developed a very small little optimism and has been at the purpose of figuring out a permanent method to discount the bullying.


I was almost there when a day my teacher required to get my interest. But, instead of contacting me by name, she predicted:”Come here, Red deal with.” You can not imagine the jolt that generated from head to toe. She’d clutching my innocent brain to such a degree that I am fighting back tears since I write this. For the adult to ensure that which the kiddies have been daily mentioning proved to me I had been a red-faced creature. Her voice had inserted salt into your wound that led to unthinkable frustration for ages.

Thank God for special friends back afterward. They famous and invited me very memorable ways. By the time that I graduated out of the college, it wasn’t as awful, but bad. I just didn’t come across myself deserving. This notion introduced me to adulthood, generating a few debilitating chapters that cheered me of all chances. In almost no time, my self esteem graduated from low to invisible.

My turning point came the minute the term of God took origin in me personally and I fixed to reject the concern with rejection and rely on myself no matter what. The light-bulb of sin had eventually come on. I made a diligent attempt to begin the change from within me. In almost no time, the layers and extra bags which weighed me down to many years started falling off a day at a moment; point.


Today, I can look at the mirror and say myself,”thanks Lord; I am delightful!” I truly appreciate how God made me. I love myselfI really do what makes me happy and let what enters my space. (If you don’t guard the space, shenanigans will protect it to you personally.) If God wasn’t in my side, that knows precisely the other options I would have hunted to medicate the pain meds birthed within me personally? Irrespective of what it is you’re going right through, the first step to healing is believing on your own. Forget what the entire world says concerning you. You are fearfully and wonderfully produced.


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