Multiplication Bingo Lesson Plans

Although we live in a world in which pocket calculators and computers are ubiquitous, multiplication skills are still very important and are of course still taught by teachers. Teachers know, that multiplication skills, just like other mathematical skills, can improve as a result of regular practice – and this includes both the simple multiplication sums that most of us memorized when in school (“times tables”), and more complex long multiplication problems พนันบอล.

Of course, doing the same thing again and again can soon get boring for students. Teachers know that when students’ minds start to wander, then learning tends to be reduced, and in some cases, behavior problems can follow too. As a result, all teachers, including K-12 math teachers tend to be on the lookout for interesting classroom activities that can engage their students while still helping them to learn.

One such activity that many teachers are using with success is bingo. With just a few modifications, bingo is ideal for classroom use – it’s easy to learn, it’s fun, and it doesn’t require expensive materials or specialist equipment. What’s more, bingo is highly suitable for math class, and can be adapted to teach addition, subtraction, division, fractions, decimals, rounding, and yes, multiplication.

There are basically two ways to play educational bingo:

* One option is to prepare special bingo cards with math problems (selected by the teacher on them). The teacher writes a problem on the board, students try to find the problem on their cards, solve it, and write the correct answer. The first student to achieve a winning bingo card – all marked off squares must have the correct answers – is the winner.

* The other option is for the teacher to choose math problems before class, and prepare bingo cards containing the numbers that are the answers to these problems (each problem should have a different answer). The teacher calls out the problem, and students must in this case look for the square with the answer.

In either case, the key step in making this happen is of course having access to bingo cards containing the items that the teacher needs for that particular lesson plan. It would obviously be a waste of time to prepare such bingo cards by hand – so the answer is to use a computer and some bingo card creator software – and in this way, the bingo cards can be prepared very quickly and easily.